Product Care


To keep your product beautiful as the years pass, it is best to rotate its use periodically. This will allow the product adequate time to rest as frequent, uninterrupted, and generous wear may cause the materials to break down in an untimely manner.

Throughout the life of your product, you may notice a softening of the silhouette and a naturally occurring patina. This evolution along with the presence of natural aspects such as scratches, wrinkles, and veins are anticipated and serve as proof of the uniqueness and authenticity of our products. Each impression leaving a lasting memory to be cherished forever.

To preserve the shape of your product, it should not be over packed. When product is not in use, it is best to store it in the felt provided at purchase. Storage in boxes or near sources of heat are not recommended as it has a drying effect on the materials.

Leather and canvas is best kept away from elements such as water, oil, direct heat and light, humidity, or environments that are too hot or too cold. Prolonged exposure to such elements may provoke unwanted damage or premature wear. When in contact with water, wipe immediately with a soft cloth to avoid saturation.

Repeated contact with hard or rough surfaces (floors, rugs, walls) may cause the appearance of scratches and worn grain on corners and areas of greatest wear. Prolonged contact to dark or highly pigmented materials can transfer onto the surface of your leather or canvas product. It is best to limit the exposure to such surfaces and materials to preserve the original look and feel of your product.



Calfskin and Cowhide Leathers

Through a rigorous selection process, calfskin and cowhide leathers are chosen for their refinement, suppleness and silky touch. To meet it's highest quality standards, only the best hides are selected.

These carefully selected leathers can be compromised with the use of any commercial cleaners. Elements such as oils, make up, perfumes, creams, or sanitizers applied to the leather can compromise its natural beauty and performance capabilities. For surface stains, we recommend cleaning with a soft, damp cloth with water.

Natural Leather

This natural, vegetable-tanned cowhide leather, is deeply rooted in the History. A hallmark of this leather is its transparency, which reveals natural markings such as veins and wrinkles, proving it has not been treated. This delicate, easily scratched leather will develop a rich amber patina, unique to each bag, and a greater suppleness in time. This patina, along with wear acquired through use, signifies as proof of the product’s authenticity and journey alongside the owner.

Should this leather encounter water, blot immediately with a lint-free light colored, absorbent cloth. Cleaning with any solvents or chemicals are not recommended. Home remedies to darken the leather such as mink oil, saddle soap, leather lotions, or substances of any kind should be avoided at all costs. These chemicals can compromise the quality and integrity of the leather as it wears in time.

Monogram and Damier Canvas

The symbol of Monogram canvas, created in 1896, expresses the values and heritage of the House: authenticity, savoir-faire, excellence, and luxury. It is inimitable and unique, created through a painstakingly developed and impeccably executed process. Being supple and sturdy, it is perfectly suited for contemporary lifestyles. Today, this iconic canvas is patterned with an exceptional print, produced in accordance with our exacting quality standards.

Coated canvas can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth and slightly soapy water. Home remedies such as mink oil, leather lotions, cleaners, or chemicals, should not be used on any canvas products. The use of such remedies may cause the canvas wear adversely and prematurely.

Contact with highly pigmented materials increases the risk of color transfer onto the canvas and should be avoided. Light colored canvas such as Damier Azur is the most susceptible to such wear.